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You find yourself lost in an seemingly abandoned mansion in the middle of  nowhere, and what's worse, you've lost your eyeballs! Thankfully, a "benevolent" spirit offers you a deal, if you can find all four of his friends scattered around the manor, then you can have your eyes back. This is no easy feat, as without yours eyes, you cannot see a thing, save for the spectres that call the mansion home. Using nothing but your magical glove of echo locating, traverse the dark manor, find some friends and get out of there.

You control your character by commanding your arms to press buttons on your keyboard and move your mouse around. These actions will cause the character in the game to move and echo locate in correspondence with your own movements.

There are three endings also, see if you can get them all.

TagsDark, echo, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


EchoGame.zip 15 MB

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